• Businesswoman.
  • Job Creator.
  • Conservative.

Meet Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole is a successful small businesswoman, job creator, and a conservative.

Lisa started her first small business in 2010, focusing on land and utility development. The daughter and niece of entrepreneurs, Lisa understood the hard work it would take to start and grow a small business.

Lisa’s company has grown and now specializes in land rights, local and state permitting, groundwater rights, well development, entitlement services, value engineering, and development management. Lisa helps businessmen and women cut through government red tape and get their projects up and running.

She has been an integral part of virtually every aspect of the 10,000+ acre Apex Industrial Park in Southern Nevada and the thousands of jobs it will bring to the valley. Lisa’s business development background is second to none.

Lisa Cole sitting

To challenge herself even more, in 2019, Lisa decided to pursue her law degree while working full-time and running several small businesses. Lisa passed the Nevada Bar Exam in 2023. She formed LDA Law, Prof. LLC, and has taken on the role of in-house counsel for LDA Development Services, and LDA Realty. Simply put—Lisa gets things done.

For more than 25 years, Lisa has called Las Vegas home. Lisa and her husband, Dennis, enjoy spending time with their dog, Diogi, a fun-loving German Shepherd, and a feisty orange cat named Oz. Lisa’s son Tyler is a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University.

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