Why Lisa’s Running

  • For the Economy.
  • For Our Safety.
  • For Our Freedom.

Protect the Veto Power

Our government processes were set up on a bedrock foundation of checks and balances to ensure no one branch could amass so much power that they could govern by fiat.

It’s essential to our great state that we ensure Governor Lombardo has the power to veto bills from a legislature run amok. Sometimes even well-intentioned legislation can have disastrous consequences. Democrats are currently one seat away from veto-proof majorities in each chamber.

Economic Development and Job Creation by the Private Sector

Lisa has spent decades working to bring new businesses and new jobs to Nevada.

Economic development and diversification have been a rallying cry for Nevada for a long time, but too often our elected leaders don’t realize they are creating a more cumbersome process, licenses, approvals, and just plain red tape that makes job creation harder here. Fixing that is her main driver.

Protect Law and Order

Along with her husband, Lisa is a strong supporter of our local and state law enforcement—they are essential to our way of life.

When they owned their CrossFit gym in Las Vegas, they proudly hosted special events and fundraisers for officers lost or injured in the line of duty. Lisa will always fight to keep our men and women in blue safe from progressive agendas that destroy our neighborhoods and threaten our safety.

Defend Liberty

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.” – John Adams, July 7, 1775.

Liberty sets us apart from the rest of the world. We cannot allow it to be lost. Lisa will work tirelessly to protect your personal liberty and property rights and to keep our government small, and taxes low.

Water Rights and Water Law

Lisa has worked in Nevada water rights and law for two decades now and understands the intricacies involved in the state mandates that get in the way of private water rights.

She is running to ensure that the state’s powers are limited appropriately and to find a suitable balance with peer-recognized, common-sense validated, current science. It is also time that the Legislature ensures that agencies do not greatly interfere with private parties’ rights to develop and enjoy their land.

Reliable Power Generation and Grid

Nevada has followed California down an unsustainable path—renewable energy generation should be part of our energy plan, but not at the cost of exposing Nevada to unreliable and expensive power systems.

The Legislature must be realistic in timeframes and mechanisms to incorporate renewables and still remain firmly on board with reliable, cost-effective and clean natural gas generation.

Bureau of Land Management

While understanding the limitations of a state office tackling a federal problem, there may be creative tools Nevada could use to expedite permitting within areas covered by environmental assessments.

I’ve worked tirelessly to streamline the right-of-way process at significant projects in Nevada like the Apex Industrial Park and believe that work could be useful across Nevada.

Workforce Development

We need more trade schools that match existing and anticipated workforce needs.

It’s time the Legislature works hand in hand with Northern and Southern Nevada economic development teams to have a unified approach to meet existing workforce needs and set the stage to meet future needs.

Workforce Housing

Entry-level housing developed by the private sector is essential.

I’m running to find ways the state can incentivize the private sector to fill this vital role in all areas of Nevada. We should be streamlining permitting, fighting for the release of more federal land, and working with the counties to ensure they have funding for essential services to meet the needs of new residential communities.

Reduce Regulatory Burdens on Business

Nevada is widely seen as a low-tax, business-friendly state but our regulatory processes at the state, county, and city levels have become overwhelming to small businesses and must be addressed.

Just this year it was reported that street vendors will be required to obtain three separate licenses to operate, from three different agencies, all with different red tape. That is unacceptable. Nevada can do better.